hotel full moon

The Dramatic Hotel Full Moon

The brainchild of Korean-based Heerim Architects, the two projects will dramatically change the skyline of the capital city. Set to act as a gateway to Baku, Full Moon Bay and Caspian Plus will sit on opposite sides of the bay. The highlight of the project will undoubtedly be the 25-storey Hotel Full Moon, which will comprise 382 luxury suites across 104,182-square-metres in a disc-style structure. Meanwhile, Hotel Crescent will act…

Halo Triton

Four Electronic Cigarette Brands That Stood Out in 2014

We were wondering what could be the top electronic cigarettes in the market today. It is not surprising as more and more smokers are shifting from regular variety to the electronic kind. We asked John from Ecig Expert and he kindly helped us to put together a list of top 4 brands really stood out last year. Green Smoke Green Smoke is perhaps one of the highly efficient smokes that

The Plaza

Central Park New York, The Plaza

Now referred to as a National Historic Landmark, The Plaza first opened in 1907. Overlooking Central Park, it didn’t take long to attract Manhattan’s filthy rich; famous faces to have strutted through the hotel’s revolving glass doors include the likes of Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles. Then, after years at the top, The Plaza went quickly downhill and guests started checking-in elsewhere. With peeling wallpaper and 70s-style rooms, who could…


Pop! Goes The Weasel

Having been captapulted into the public sphere in 2004 after winning the Dutch version of reality TV show Popstars, Eva Simons has now embarked on a promising solo career. Her first single, ‘Silly Boy’, was leaked onto the Internet a few months ago, and it was rumoured to be a demo for a duet between Lady GaGa and Rihanna. Now the 25-year-old has come forward to claim the song as…